10 Survival Life Hacks Compilation

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As most of us know that if a zombie apocalypse happens, our lives won’t be the same anymore, in any way. Electricity, internet, running water, and even food won’t be available as easily used as they are today. WhaT is known for sure is that surviving in these conditions is very hard for everyone of us, and for some, it is impossible. Learning survival skills from hacking everyday objects has gotten more and more interest these year, as people are thinking that a zombie apocalypse is very likely to happen. A lot of pages or channels on the internet have been dedicated to teaching skills that are easy, but crucial for survival. As an example, without access to electricity, we would have to light candles at dark. Since finding candles might be a problem, an orange skin dipped in vegetable oil would make a nice relatively-long lasting solution. If not that, filling a can with torch fuel and dipping a cotton cloth inside would be a very good replacement. If you’re an explorer, night-time or dark buildings would be a problem for you, if you wouldn’t have a flashlight. Since finding new batteries is hard, wrapping an aluminium foil in the exact shape as the battery would be a great flashlight hack. Cold would be a major issue and lighting a fire would be necessary. Using batteries and steel-wool would create a spark that could start fires, or using a battery and a gum’s aluminum foil, that’ll do the job, too. Since incidents about people going nuts and becoming cannibals under the use of drugs are happening often, we would recommend that you should start learning.