5.7×28 Helmet Gel Test (T6B, S4M, SS198LF)

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One of the best usages of Ballistics gel can be found in the shooter’s world. They can test every desired requirement of the bullet by shooting it into a gel, they can test its penetration, the speed, the angle and power of it. They are doing the same in this video, where a Helmet is being tested if it works great and can be used in battles of the US Army. Check out the video as we see how a helmet works and where are the origins from.

It is called helm, word of Germanic origin helm, to the element of armor that protects the head and face of the warrior. It had its peak in the Middle Ages when they became important pieces of medieval armor, later continued to be used in parades, military stops and sports tournaments for safety. They are currently made for armor with ornamental and decorative purposes; despite its function is still playing sports helmets and anti-riot units.