A Camera that you can fire from your rifle, AMAZING!

Recently, Vortex and Hornady released a video of a new “bullet-cam” which took the outdoor world by storm. It had many talking, whether they believed it or not. It features a new sort of technology that would hypotheically change the shooting (firing) and filming game forever. News like this would change the industry…if only it were true. An epic April Fool’s prank baked up an unbelievably cool product, outstanding visuals and dialogue, and a few nice functioning from staff. Vortex and Hornady discharged the video that might appear to be a legit product launch with the assembly quality and ulterior buzz. But, putting a camera on a bullet is just about not possible, and a few folks knew precisely what was occurring. however some didn’t, and it absolutely was quite fun. If you saw it on the web, it’s to be true. Right? At solely $99.99/box, the bullet-cam is cheap for many and wireless fidelity compatible. But wait, there’s more! Just kidding, there isn’t more because as we said, it was all a joke. And a great one at that.