Alex Hashioka Vs. Bryan Sloyer – KARAMBIT FIGHT

This Karambit fight choreography was realized by the two talented Bryan Sloyer and Alex Hashioka, and da*n those moves. Bryan Sloyer is seen walking out of a tunnel looking sweaty and tired, he’s looking around when suddenly Alex Hashioka jumps from nowhere and attacks him, Bryan is fast to attack back.

Moving with the speed of light we try to follow their moves. With the Karambit knives causing damage to both opponents we see Alex win the fight.

This type of fighting is mostly seen in action movies where everything is choreographed so it’s nothing real, trying it may harm you so unless you know what you’re doing or you’re with someone who knows what they’re doing, we advise you to stay away from it.

What did you think of this Karambit fight, was it a good choreography or could it have been better? Let us know what you think!