Getting Shot At Point Blank Range

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How bad is it to actually get shot at point blank range? It’s a question everyone of us have asked ourselves, but there is no exact answer. It depends on the caliber of bullet and where they are hit (distance plays a role, too, but up close almost every bullet is going to do nasty things to you). Nothing good is typically the answer. Even a graze typically scares the hell out of a person who isn’t prepared to be shot at. However, no matter what the range, some gunshot wounds incapacitate with certainty. Getting shot in lethal areas like in the heart or head, will almost certainly put you on the ground. (if not kill you immediately). If the shot doesn’t disable the person, they might react in any number of ways: screaming, dropping to the ground and gibbering, smacking the person who shot them upside the head, trying to tackle you to disarm you, running away, etc. Basically, if you’re really close to someone and trying to shoot them, kill them with the first shot; it doesn’t take the person you’re shooting to be a trained soldier or weapon specialist to convert them into a dangerous and angry person who will swing their fists at you like Floyd Mayweather.