Glass Arrowhead vs. Ballistics Vest – The result is surprising!

(Scroll down for the video)

In what capacity will a ballistic vest intended to stop bullets perform against a glass sharpened stone. Presumably not genuine well, but rather we should have a good time and discover at any rate. A glass sharpened stone is shot at a ballistic vest particularly intended to stop handgun rounds. We should investigate what sort of harm happens.
The disclaimer on the vest shows that “This covering is not planned to shield the wearer from rifle fire or sharp or pointed instruments.” So we definitely realize that an arrow will probably enter it. Be that as it may, we should assess it in any case.
In the wake of shooting the bolt at the sham – an “impenetrable” vest covering a center of ballistic gel – it was really stunning how effortlessly and easily the glass sharpened stone and bolt infiltrated. It went totally through the front Kevlar board of the vest, through the inside ballistic gel, and through the back Kevlar board of the vest.