LBC Sabot 12 Gauge Shotgun Slug – A real BEAR Stopper!

(Scroll down for the video)

YouTuber TAOFLEDERMAUS as of late posted a video survey of the great 12ga slugs, and we are inspired. The LBC Sabot Slug is made by an organization called Ballistic Products and lamentably for the vast majority it’s exclusive accessible as a slug for reloaders. That being said, on the off chance that you stack your own shells you might need to look at this.
The slugs are produced using a high-quality lead compound and they highlight a one of a kind plastic sabot at the base. We would prefer not to ruin the outcomes excessively, yet I need to concur with TAOFLEDERMAUS who said “Exactness and flight flow were extraordinary, even out of a smooth-bore.”
Likewise, look at how little the slugs distorted in the wake of hitting hard targets!