New Bullet Technology Makes it Hard to Miss

The MI-Bullet, or the Multiple Impact bullet- introduced by Advanced Ballistics Concepts (ABC); “combines the accuracy of a spin-stabilized bullet, with the proven increased hit probability and stopping power of multi-projectile-shot (buckshot).” How the Multiple Impact bullet shoots its four projectiles can be considered both simple and complex. But the end result is hard to argue with when you see it in action – or even seeing the pictures. The MI-Bullet looks and acts like a standard round up until it leaves the barrel of the gun. At that time the round breaks into four main components with a middle slug and 3 rotating items bound to the middle slug by wires. The force of the spinning spherical causes the bound items to orbit around the center slug because it goes down range maintaining a trajectory just like any traditional round however currently with the impact radius of over ten inches. This takes a typical .45 caliber slug (and before long 9mm) and provides it the sort of projectile unfold you’d see in an exceedingly firearm providing a way higher likelihood of somebody hitting their meant target. This makes the MI-Bullet a wonderful choice for enforcement and residential defense.