North Korean Type 70 Pistol at RIA

YouTuber Forgotten Weapons has come across this North Korean type 70 pistol which is really hard to find since North Korea doesn’t export any of its firearms, especially the newer ones.

Getting a closer look of the firearm we see its carvings, the North Korean symbol on the grips and the markings on the side of the slide writing type 70, the symbol again and 7.62. The magazine is mismatched but chances of finding the right one are low on this case. After showing us the firearms external parts and functions he disassembles the firearm completely and gets into the internal ones.

The firearm is a simple pistol with not that many functions, nothing different really, except the fact that it’s from North Korea which gets us wondering how it got to where it is…?

Where do you guys think this gun came from, do you like it? Let us know!