The Russian TRIO – World’s WORST Shotgun Round?

The Russian Trio is a shotgun manufacturing Soviet, but the use is officially designated by the Russian military as a rifled cannon carbine. It is recognized for its large caliber, firing a 23 mm load, equivalent to the .627 caliber, using Anglo-American gauge standards for shotguns and approximately a 4 gauge using European standards (based on current CIP metric tables) Making it the largest caliber shotgun in service today.

Alexey is shooting one of the rifles and using a 1.4 high speed camera we are going to see this rifle in action. In Russia, the Trio Shotgun has a really bad reputation as an unstable weapon with no reliability when shot. Check out this video on the TAOFLADERMAUS YouTube channel and see the shotgun in action yourself. What are your thoughts about the Trio? Despite the talks it fulfills its purpose of shooting, so would you consider having one? Let us know in the comment section below.