Top 5 Most Reliable Guns

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These five guns are the easiest ones to use in any situation. Check them out while we talk about our favorite – the Uzi.

The Uzi is a compact machine gun manufactured and sold by Israel Military Industries (IMI), a state-owned Israeli armaments company. It is one of the most famous machine guns.

The name giver, Uzi Gal, constructed the weapon in 1949 as a young officer in the rank of lieutenant. He was for inventing the Uzi to captain promoted, but never involved in their financial success. At the beginning of the 1950s the series production began, and in 1954 the Uzi was officially introduced to the Israeli armed forces. Template for the weapon were & a. the machine pistols of the models Sa 23 to 26 modified by the Czech ZK 476. Later, the Uzi was often reconstructed almost one-to-one, Eg as Croatian ERO 9, Chinese Norinco 320 or US-American MAC-10.

The Belgian weapon manufacturer FN Herstal received a production license in 1958 and manufactured the weapon between 1960 and 1983.