Will the ‘Breaking Bad Finale’ M60 Turret Work in Real Life? – MythBusters

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Spoiler alarm! On the off chance that you haven’t viewed the  finale of Breaking Bad and might want to, we prescribe returning to this video later.
Then again, in the event that you’ve as of now seen the last scene, then chances are that you recollect the M60 “turret” that Walter worked in the storage compartment of his auto. All things considered, who can overlook? The mechanized turret was the last enormous astonishment of the appear—and the last secret weapon. Toward the end of the last scene, it gunned down the greater part of Walt’s foes. In case you’re similar to us, it most likely made them ponder a while later whether such a contraption could truly work. Enter the folks from MythBusters. As fanatics of the arrangement themselves, Adam and Jamie tackled the test of reproducing Walt’s M60 “trunk firearm” and tried it out on the range.