ZAP!!! TASER Brings US Marines To Their Knees

These marines are trained on how to use the new technology tasers, the tasers are unlethal weapons that can be used in many situations where firearms aren’t an option. The best part about these tasers is that they can bring a person down without causing them harm.

In order to learn the functions of the teaser, the soldiers need to try it. So why is this taser a part of the military equipment? Well it is stated that police surveys show that the device has saved somewhere around 75,000 lives, in case police had used firearms there would have been many cases with injury and death.

However, this device can also be used by a normal civil with permission, it has been used for self-defense in many cases and it works perfectly.

Would you guys use a taser as self-defense or would you choose something else? Let us know!