How NOT To Shoot a Machinegun!

Unlike most people who show us how to shoot firearms, famous YouTuber hickok45 shows us a very informative video on how to NOT shoot a machinegun.

Since a lot people mostly focus on how to get shooting right, accidents can happen, and when it comes to firearms, accidents should not be allowed to happen, so here’s a way to prevent that.

It’s all in the bolt, whether it’s open or closed. Let’s break it down, bolt open, dangerous. Bolt closed, not so dangerous. If it fires from an open bolt, the firearm can shoot unintentionally. If you pull the magazine out, the firearm can shoot unintentionally again.

With the magazine on and the bolt closed, it’s extremely safe, the firearm won’t shoot no matter how much you pull the trigger. But if the bolts open, don’t let the safety fool you, the firearm IS gonna shoot. Most importantly, be careful, you don’t wanna ruin your day or somebody else’s day. Life is good.

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