Shooting The Rare Pedersen Rifle (The Rifle That Was Almost The M1)

Alex C. with the TFB TV have chosen a special rifle along with some special guests, Nathaniel F, their writer from Louisiana and Ian McCollum from Forgotten Weapons from Arizona.

All there for the rare Pedersen model PB rifle they’re gonna shoot it today, stacked with about 60 rounds of 80-year-old ammo.

Ian, knowing more about its history claims this gun has been designed in the 1920s, it’s a delayed blowback with a toggle action looking like a Luger.

Nathanial is selected to do the accuracy test of the .267 caliber PB Pedersen rifle, with targets being 50-60 yards he shoots two five-shot groups, after that Ian tries it and they both agree that the rifle shoots a little high, but knowing the rifle is from the 1920s, it is accurate enough. Comparing it to the M1 they say the Pedersen rifle is more complicated than the M1 and it has more of a British style in it while the M1 is the perfect example of the American styled firearm.

Which firearm do you guys think is better, the Pedersen or the M1. Let us know!