Survival Kit For Tropical Islands

For some people, being in a tropical island means getting a suntan, drinking coconut cocktails and Aloha music, for other people it means surviving and being safe. Lily shows us a survival kit we might need in a tropical island.

Starting off with an emergency kit, this is crucial for every survival kit, next she shows us some different items like an emergency space blanket, matches for when we need to light up a fire, a bandana which you can use for covering wounds, then she suggests taking sunscreen, it might not sound that important at first but once you get a sunburn you won’t like it when you try to sleep.

We also need a net for catching fish or any other thing we want to catch, and a flashlight would be nice since the night is long on those places. Finish off with the most important thing on the kit, a knife, basically used for almost everything.

Did you guys find these tips helpful? Let us know!