Are you sure you can protect your self on these situations ? Krav Maga way!

This video shows us how Krav Maga would be used in real life situations, and it definitely makes us wish we knew those moves.

It has been and still is a common thing to get robbed or attacked these days on the streets, in a coffee shop or even in your car, people just know how to ruin your day, if you let them. Why do we say that? Cause there is a simple way out of situations like that, Krav Maga.

It is a self-defense system used in the military by soldiers but it sure does help on a daily basis too, the people on the video have mastered these self-defense tactics and they’re pretty impressive.

We see them react to people robbing and attacking them, in matter of seconds, they unarm them and keep them on the ground, just like in the movies guys!!

What would you guys do if you find yourself in a similar situation?