Bladed Minds – Celine Tran / Japanese Sword Fight

We see how two opponents fight in a Japanese style, both wearing kimonos, the girl is wearing a black kimono and the boy is wearing a white one.

This video directed by Godefroy Ryckewaert and Kefi Abrikh was named Bladed Minds in order to represent the swords they are using to fight.

Kefi seems fast to attack first but Celine doesn’t hesitate for a second, the whole time Kefi is seen to be one step ahead with his moves and Celine just defends herself until she gets kicked and uses that as a way to distract Kefi, winning the fight.
This might look cool on the video but unless you are a professional with swords do not try this at home.

What did you guys think about this Japanese Sword Fight? Let us know!