OSS Suppressor with Flow-Through Technology

Meet the OSS Suppressors. These over the barrel suppressors were designed and built for the military forces. They are used for full auto riflesin extreme conditions. They are perfect for mission effectiveness, sustainability and unmatched suppression. Check this animated video demonstration to find out more, and let us know below that your thoughts are.

Ever since 2007, OOS Firm has been making suppressors for the US military, law enforcements as well as for sports shooters. They are one of the best suppressor manufacturers in the states. This time they are presenting a new technology – the flow through. This technology is adapted to meet the high demands of the US Army, but found their usage in the law enforcement and sport shooters around the world. They are also available for sports shooters around the world.

Have you ever laid your hands on one of these suppressors? Let us know below.