7 Most Badass Female Soldiers

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Bringing the phrase “you fight like a girl” down ladies and gentlemen! This video shows us several females that are pretty bada**.


Starting with Lance Corporal Kylie Watson, she is known for saving her teammates lives, not one but two times! She studied battlefield medicine and then joined the Royal Army Medical Corps, because of her medical expertise and incredible courage she managed to save 2 lives and got the Military Cross award.

Next we have Major Mary Jennings Hegar, working as an air force pilot, Mary has saved her squad mates life when their aircraft got attacked and he was shot. She is the 6th female to receive the Distinguished Flying Cross.

Major Lauren Edwards is next, she is the first commander ever of a Marine Corps base. Moving on to Specialist Ashley Pullen, a Humvee driver in Baghdad when she saved the life of a squad member by risking her own life and protecting him with her own body.

What do you guys think about these acts of heroism? We’d love to know!