Debunking 10 Top Tactical Myths by Nutnfancy

Nutnfancy talks about being ‘tactical’ these days, how everyone changed its meaning and turned into something different, he himself calls himself not tactical and advises people who are tactical to relax and not always go by the rules.

He lists 10 Tactical myths starting by: you must attend a shooting course to be a good shooter. Total disagreement right there. While going to a course may help you, it surely isn’t the only way you can learn how to shoot.

We also hear: your gear must be new and ready, you must use camouflage when you shoot, the more expensive the gun is the better you shoot, and our favorite one: tattoos make you more tactical.

Constantly upgrading your firearms is thought to be very tactical but Nutnfancy tells us he uses his same firearms and is just as good as the others. Then we have the: you must advertise how bada** you are, if you don’t, you’re not. Nice one.

What do you think about these tactical myths is Nutnfancy right or not? Let us know!