Top 5 Calibers

TFB TV ranks 5 best calibers. Getting right into it he starts with number 5.

The 22lr, it’s cheap, it’s low recoiling, easy to handle, easy to learn the fundamentals on and it’s a great way to introduce somebody into shooting. It’s the most used caliber in the world.

It comes in subsonic and supersonic variants and it’s good for practice and hunting.

Moving on to nr.4 he lists the 300 Blackout. It has a diverse range of bullets in weights from 78 grain to 240 grain meaning you get an entire range of performance depending on your requirements.

Nr.3 is the .223 caliber, not surprised are we… It’s lightweight, accurate and its low recoiling plus it causes a lot of damage to the target, he calls it the best military caliber over the past 50 years.

Moving on to nr.2 he ranks the 9mm caliber on the list, the most used military caliber in the world and it’s one of the world’s most popular cartridges. It’s also said to be much faster and cheaper.

And finally, nr.1. The 12-gauge, definitely not what you expected we know. It has been used on the 20th and 21st centuries with success and it still goes on to being one of the most effective calibers out there. It will basically shoot anything you want, from beanbags to pumpkins and gummy bears.