World’s Top 10 Marine Corps

This list shows us the 10 best Marine Corps. Starting off with number 10, Indonesia Korps Marinir. It was created in 1945 it consists of 20,000 troops. Nr9. is Philippines’ Marine corps.

It has 7,000 troops and was created 5 years after the Indonesian Marinir corps in 1950. Next is the Republic of Korea Marine Corps. Created on 1949 it has 27,000 marines. Moving on to Portugal Fuzileros Navais. Created on 1621 it consists of 1,430 troops. France, Troupes de Marine is nr6. It has 2,500 soldiers and was created on 1622.

The Spanish, Infanteria de Marina has 5300 troops and was -created on 1537. Nr4. On the list is Russian, Naval Infantry that was created on 1705 and consists of 12,000 soldiers. Nr3. We have the Netherlands, Korps Mariniers. It was created in 1665 and it has 3,100 troops. Breaking it down on the top 2.

United States of America’s Marine Corps have 242,675 soldiers and it was created on 1775. And the first on the list is United Kingdom’s Royal Marines which was created on 1664 and has 7,200 troops.

Did you guys think this chart was listed right? Tell us what you think!