German Wiesel: Cute Mini-Tank – Small But Extremely Fast and Powerful

Meet this small but extremely powerful German tank. The Wiesel is a light armored vehicle with airborne caterpillars of German origin. Its primary function is armored combat vehicle . Because of its shape, size and function it is similar to tanks. In fact, it is the only modern tanker in service in Western Europe. There are different variants divided into two main families corresponding to the first Wiesel version 1 and the second, larger and improved Wiesel 2.

Wiesel has been used by the German army in various missions abroad. Check out this video on the Dung Tran YouTube channel and see the German Wiesel in action. It went out or fashion during the World War II, and while it seems like an out of time vehicle for the modern technology, many of the features are high-tech even for now, and are still used around the world. Check out the video to find out more and see this small tank in action. Leave a comment in the box below with your opinion.