President Trump’s NEW Car – Will Have Tear Gas, Blood And Even A CANNON

(Scroll down for the video)

We’re only a couple of months from Donald Trump’s presidential introduction and him turning into the Leader of the USA. His new employment will see an expansion in his security, undoubtedly. What with him kinda being despised by many people in any case. Additionally being president accompanies a considerable measure of haters of its own. Also, a president is never more at hazard that when he’s moving. Simply ask JFK. Obviously you can’t, on account of a large portion of his take was shot off by somebody while he was going in an auto. So a president’s auto needs sweet security. Furthermore, Trump’s does. This thing – The Beast – cost $15m and measures EIGHT tons. It’s impenetrable, has shotguns, oxygen, Trump’s blood type and even an a CANNON!