Protector of American Airspace: 125th Fighter Wing F-15 Pre-flight, Takeoff

Take a rare look of US military’s 125th Fighter Wing F-15 pilots taking notes during pre-flight. The pilot is given his orders and after that along with the help of his crew he is seen climbing the jet, then he checks all the parts of the aircraft to see if everything is working right and in the end, he launches the jet and takes off effortlessly.

The 125th Fighter Wing has been active since 1956 and is still present today, it is a part of Florida Air National Guard. We do not see much of it since it is only used in special operations. There are speculations that this aircraft will have to retire but nothing is final yet.

What do you think of the 125th Fighter Wing F-15, do you guys think it should be replaced with another aircraft? Share your thoughts with us!