VR7 Armoured Toyota Land Cruiser Ultimate Test – Bullets, Grenades, Landmines etc.

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A mind boggling in superior quality HQ video of testing an ASV VR-7-heavily clad Land Cruiser vehicle for uncommon purposes. The ASV’s VR7- shielded Land Cruiser was effectively tried in Germany, a very well known ballistic research facility. 321 AK-47 slugs, 4grenades, 2 landmines and 12.5 kg of high hazardous explosives neglected to thrash ASV’s armouring. A 20-round burst of AK47 was likewise terminated at the driver’s entryway before the auto was subjected to the impact of different dangers. The vehicle effectively opposed the blast of  fracture explosives on the rooftop, another under the floor, 2  mines under the floor.